My Family

My Family

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rewind and be kind. Educate instead of Hate.

I have a new movement to share with you all. My politicalish post is directed towards anyone who think it's directed towards and even those who don't. :)

I've always been motivated by those who call me names. The worse names I'm called the better I perform. And if I don't agree with you, just start calling me ignorant, stupid, lame, dumb...and so on...I'm even more motivated to change my mind just so you stop calling me those names.

NOT. Um...wait...rewind.

Have you ever thought that:

Positively sharing knowledge has better reception than doing so negatively? You may think it's just the opposite because it seems a like only the negative is shared. It riles up everyone's emotions and brings forth anger and hatred...but nothing changes. Nobody's minds are changed. I repeat, nobody.  We want people to change. We all think our ideas and beliefs are the correct ones and society and the world would be a better place if everyone voted left, or right, up or down, black or white...and so on.  Very rarely do I see any side that kindly shares their ideas and ideals in a positive way. A way that doesn't sling hateful words to the people that don't share the same. If we want change and people don't change if they are called unkind words, then why are we continuing to do just that?

Tell someone they're doing a good job and they will work harder. Tell them how much they suck and watch their work circle the drain.   Encourage instead of bring down.  I'm not saying everyone deserves a trophy, as I do think competition is necessary - but I feel we are going about it the wrong way.

Let's rewind.....and be kind.

Instead of spewing hate....educate. Sharing your views and beliefs in a kind and positive way will diminish the need to have others put up their defensive barrier and maybe...just will have the ability to penetrate their mind and slowly change the world for the better.

My thoughts for the day

Kiddos and stuff

School has started again! Yay! Well...not so much. I may be one of the few parents I know that enjoy having their children around every day. If I knew I could do it better than their school, I'd home-school my kids. That being said, I don't think I can do it better so off to school they go!

Sarah is a SENIOR in high school! I can't believe it. I'm so proud of her. She has a full time job and it amazing at it. Always a smile on her face and I actually see her more! I can't wait to see what her future holds. :)

Allison is now in the 8th grade. Middle school kinda sucks because they go from being the bottom class (7th grade) to the top of the class (8th grade) and next year they are at the bottom as Freshman in high school. So confusing for them.  My daughter does well though and I'm super proud of her.

Tyler is still my soft spoken sweet boy and is now in the 5th grade. He has the same teacher his dad had as well as Allison had in the 5th grade. I'm happy about that because I enjoyed her as Allison's teacher. My kids have been blessed with amazing teachers.  Tyler is also in traveling soccer this year and is doing quite well.

Ryan will be 5 months in 6 more days! Time is flying and I love seeing him grow and become a little person. He has a fun personality and I love his sweet smile. Everyone says he looks like Tyler, but I see him looking more like his daddy every day.

Steve and I love our little family and life together in our small town. Anticipating the future and see what our life will hold for us.

Blessings to all.