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My Family

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday morning comin' down

  One of my greatest pleasures is waking up early on a Sunday morning while the sun is still rising and it's still cool enough to have the windows and door open. I begin with a little cleaning while I brew myself a few cups of coffee. When I feel I have been productive enough,  I sit down in my recliner, turn  Music Choice on the television and browse the Internet.This is when I usually get girly, gushy and emotional. I don't just sit and cry, but my mind usually wanders to love and broken hearts and my kids and all the things that makes my girl brain...well.. mine.

  Before the wonderful and addicting world of Pinterest I would look at videos on YouTube, and if one looked interesting enough to watch I would mute Music Choice and listen. If the video or lyrics spoke to me then I will usually play it over and over again. At this time it wouldn't be uncommon for some tears to fall as my mind overflowed with emotion. I would end up having to refill my coffee multiple times. Not because I drank it all, but because I would forget and it would get cold.

  Now with Pinterest, I can just click the category Quotes or search for Love and I can fulfill my emotional needs the rest of the morning. This is also when I get the desire to write about what is going through my head. I don't always write them in detail, because even though I'm known for sharing lots of stuff, most of my thoughts will remain mine alone. I would most likely scare a lot of people if I wrote them in detail. I am pretty sure that goes for just about everyone. The mind is a mysterious labyrinth of twists turns, secret passage ways, trick doors and just about anything else you can imagine. 

  This is the video this morning that I listened to over and over again. It came on Music Choice and then I had to find the video, pin it, blog it and listen to it like 10 times.   I love love-songs. I love the emotion that builds up in me imaging being in that persons place. I know it's just a video but the feelings they are portraying speak as if it's real and true. Which is the point of making music and the videos to go along with them. That, and for our entertainment. 

  There are times a song comes on that is just fun and I have no emotional connection to it other than just enjoying the tempo, fun lyrics and video. Taylor Swift is awesome. Her 'Never get back together' song is hilarious. I can't really relate to it as I don't recall ever being in an on again off again relationship...but the video made me laugh. Kinda reminded me of the Bruno Mars Lazy video.

  When I've had my fill of tears, laughter, coffee. I close down my computer and take a shower. :) 

   The End. 

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