My Family

My Family

Friday, March 28, 2014

My dream for Ryan

Sweet baby boy, mama loves you so much already
I dream of what you will look like, your smell and your sound
I hope you are happy with the family God has chosen for you

You have two very silly sisters
They will love you and spoil you for sure

You have a very kind older brother
He will protect you and guide you

You are lucky to have two sets of grandparents
I wish you to be close to them as they will love you as I do

You have an amazing father
He is new and will be learning just like you, but he is dedicated and loving and that's all that really matters.
Oh and he loves your mommy, and I couldn't ask for more.

You have a more aunts and uncles than I can count.
You will have a lot of family to surround you.

You are a lucky and special boy.
I dream you grow up happy and healthy.
I wish for you to pursue your dreams and know that I will accept and love you
no matter who you become.

So as you wiggle, kick and hiccup inside me, there is a world of love out here awaiting your precious arrival.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nascar, Billy Ray & baby

My first Nascar race!  I grew up with a dad who watched all sorts of sports, baseball, football, golf (snore), wrestling and so on. I just never watched Nascar. Then I met Steve. He loves it, so being the supportive girl that I am, I decided to watch it with him. I get excitement out of watching something that makes someone I love so happy. That's the true joy I get.  
Papa Steve
Ryan and Mama's 1st Nascar Race. I don't think my belly can get any bigger
Steve, Tom and Gerry

Having Ryan so desperate to make his entrance, I've been trying to keep it easy the past few weeks.  Steve's one requirement is that he stays put until after the Nascar race in Fontana, CA where we had tickets to. We made it through - though Ryan caused mama a lot of discomfort right after the race. He's still in there though - hopefully for a little bit longer - even though I whine and complain that I'm done with it all. :)

Seeing any event live is more exciting than Television - unless it's Golf. I don't think anyone can get that game exciting for me..unless one of my kids was playing. I'll be a fan of any sport they pursue.  

Another bit of excitement was seeing Billy Ray Cyrus on stage at the event.  We didn't realize at first it was him, but once I did, I was happy and took some pictures. Sadly I didn't get to hear Achy Breaky Heart...but that's okay he did sing a cool version of Amazing Grace. 

Billy Ray on the big screen
Billy Ray Cyrus. Always fun to see a live concert

That was my exciting weekend. My next baby doc apt is on Wednesday and we'll see if Ryan is any closer to arriving. Then you'll all the pleasure of a billion baby pictures! Yay you!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Getting ready for baby

As I sit here, I am filling with anxiety and mild contractions as my baby prepares to enter this world.  My due date has been changed multiple times, but my doctor is confident he's around 36 weeks old and a little premature if he chooses to come so soon.  As of 3/19/14 I am 1 cm dilated and having continuous contractions. Slightly painful and annoying contractions. Pretty much doing anything brings them on and as of right now...sitting does.  I received two shots in the back of the arm of terbutaline and an IV of electrolyte enriched fluid.  None of them did completely take them away, but I had a fantastic nurse who got my vein on the first try which is rare.

I did get the bassinet set up in my room today. Wasn't too difficult, I just rolled it in and put some blankets inside that Grandma Hays made. I got out the infant car seat and figured it out and will teach daddy when he come
s home. They haven't changed much..or at the 10 years I've had one (less if you think about my having a daycare and installing car seats 100's of times.  I also packed the diaper bag the best I could with what I have and my hospital bag the best I could too. I'm not too concerned - the only thing I really worry about forgetting is my charger for my phone and my camera.

I have a feeling this will be a long labor. I'm not sure why I think that, but it's a gut feeling. With Allison I started contracting around 2pm and got to the hospital after 6pm (having a difficult time getting a hold of her dad - cell phones were pretty new to use then) At around 8pm they found she was breech and I had my C-section shortly after. I only had 1 scan with her throughout the pregnancy, not nearly as many as I've had with this one.   With Tyler I started having contractions Christmas Eve and headed to the OB office and had to see the on call Dr who told me I wasn't in labor but then he checked me and I was, indeed, in labor so he sent me to the hospital. After any phone calls to those celebrating Christmas Eve (thankfully they were almost all together) I soon gave birth naturally to my sweet boy. I remember I had a cold and wasn't feeling well and the anesthesiologist said I couldn't feel a thing...not sure how he was certain as I felt everything. Telling someone who's pushing a baby out that they are not in pain, when they ARE in pain is really not a good idea. Both of my previous deliveries went fairly quickly.  

I've been having contractions for weeks - slowly getting more painful. I do prefer to just wait them out at home vs sitting in a designer gown in a luxury hospital bed - but waiting is a pain in the butt too. Since I have had a previous C-section I will not be getting any induction drugs ...that and I'm still too early for that to even be a consideration.  He'll come when he's good and ready I suppose.  I would prefer a couple more weeks but it's not really my choice. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I don't know when I'm due!

Since I found out I was pregnant I had NO idea when I was due. You'd think one would have a clue, but it was an overly stressful time for me and I was pretty much in a fog.   After finding out the news that I was gonna be a mama again and walking into the Obstetrics office I was given a due date of March something-or-other. Then an ultrasound was given and Dr guesstamated me about 10-10.5 weeks along and gave me May 7th. It was later changed to May 2nd but every ultrasound thereafter I've been measuring further and further along.

Dr is now concerned we may be about 4 weeks off and is looking into changing my due date. Problem is, he needs the original information since I changed docs more than halfway through my pregnancy and the original doctor is not being cooperative with releasing my records.  I suppose the baby will come when the baby is ready - whether that's early or late.   I'm very happy with my new Dr. He comes highly recommended and is such a good listener and informant and I appreciate the fact that he cares so much about my well-being.   Baby has a healthy heartbeat and moving and kicking like crazy. Already keeping mama on her toes :)