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My Family

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nascar, Billy Ray & baby

My first Nascar race!  I grew up with a dad who watched all sorts of sports, baseball, football, golf (snore), wrestling and so on. I just never watched Nascar. Then I met Steve. He loves it, so being the supportive girl that I am, I decided to watch it with him. I get excitement out of watching something that makes someone I love so happy. That's the true joy I get.  
Papa Steve
Ryan and Mama's 1st Nascar Race. I don't think my belly can get any bigger
Steve, Tom and Gerry

Having Ryan so desperate to make his entrance, I've been trying to keep it easy the past few weeks.  Steve's one requirement is that he stays put until after the Nascar race in Fontana, CA where we had tickets to. We made it through - though Ryan caused mama a lot of discomfort right after the race. He's still in there though - hopefully for a little bit longer - even though I whine and complain that I'm done with it all. :)

Seeing any event live is more exciting than Television - unless it's Golf. I don't think anyone can get that game exciting for me..unless one of my kids was playing. I'll be a fan of any sport they pursue.  

Another bit of excitement was seeing Billy Ray Cyrus on stage at the event.  We didn't realize at first it was him, but once I did, I was happy and took some pictures. Sadly I didn't get to hear Achy Breaky Heart...but that's okay he did sing a cool version of Amazing Grace. 

Billy Ray on the big screen
Billy Ray Cyrus. Always fun to see a live concert

That was my exciting weekend. My next baby doc apt is on Wednesday and we'll see if Ryan is any closer to arriving. Then you'll all the pleasure of a billion baby pictures! Yay you!

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