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My Family

Monday, October 13, 2014

Half a year old baby boy!

Wow, it's been a fun 6 months with Ryan. It's been a blast getting to know him. I just pray the next 6 months are just as great!

The very same day Ryan turned 6 months old, he had one of the crankiest sad days of his short life. He pretty much cried all day long. Nothing would soothe him. Daddy came home and took over because I was exhausted. Ryan still cried...more like screamed until late that night. I took back over after a while and bounced him to sleep and he slept well and the next day he was perfectly happy.  We like to think he was upset that he was getting older but he's now accepted it.

Look at him go!

Ryan can roll over like a champ and that's how he gets most places he wants to go.  I will need to start baby proofing.

He just started scooting forward using his tippy toes to push him.

He cut his two bottom teeth in the last month and that was very drooly and sad at the same time. He's now pleased as punch with his pearly whites and likes to bite anything that gets near his mouth.

Jumping in his jumparoo is the best thing ever! He has the strongest legs of anyone in the house and he jumps and jumps and jumps.  Once he started jumping he lost all interesting in the baby swing. :( We are quite sad because that was our go-to when he got cranky and tired. Now he just cries and screams to be held. We have tried the cry it out and 90% of the time it does NOT work. The past couple days the only thing that gets him to sleep is one of us bouncing him on our knee until he passes out. He also falls asleep in his jumper but I just don't feel good leaving him there for a nap...especially since his legs don't know it's time to stop jumping even though he's asleep.


We've starting feeding him a little at a time. If we go out we try fruits and veggies from our plates. So far he's had tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, pickles (He LOVES pickles), green beans, rice and beans.   I've blended up extra from our dinner to feed him and he's happy with that. We have decided to just give him what we have instead of buying baby food from jars. He seems to be doing quite well with that and the doctor has no problems with it either.


Ryan loves to hear himself (sing?) I'm not sure what it is...but it's a high pitched noise and we mimic him and he things its' funny. He also like to talk and tell us about his day. He definitely doesn't talk as much as his big sister, Allison, did but he talks more than his big brother, Tyler did.He's definitly his own person much like his daddy is. We love him to pieces.

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