My Family

My Family

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2 weeks old...

My sweet baby boy is now almost 3 weeks old. He's such a sweetie pie too. He reminds me a lot of his big brother, Tyler. So mellow and easy going.  The past two days he hasn't even had any crying at all.

He's sleeping on me or next to me at night time. I will eventually break that habit..but for now it's easiest for us. I am getting sleep that way and that's a very good thing.  We're nursing and bottle feeding him and it's working out great. He doesn't care where his food comes from - it goes well with his mellow nature.

His sisters and brother love him so much and it feels like he just adapted to the family like he was meant to be. He was...meant to be. :) This kid defied lots of odds to get we know he has a place here. He's going to do great things.

I'm doing really good. I've already lost 25 lbs and I feel great and full of energy. Other than bouts of depression and/or anxiety, the only thing I have wrong with me is my hands are numb. Dr says it's carpel tunnel and it's in both of my hands. I can't use the computer barley at all and anything I do on it takes 10x's the amount of time or I just give up because I can't feel my fingers.   I hope it goes away, I am not sure what will happen if it doesn't. It's crazy annoying. I have two wrist braces but I can't nurse or change baby or do a lot of things with baby while I have them on. It limits my abilities. Grr...

Today I did a mini photo shoot of my little man. He was alert and cooperative during the entire thing!

Other than that, we are doing wonderfully here. Steve and I are on a great track, kids only have like 5 more weeks of school and the weather is nice! 

We also got his hospital photos in. :)

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