My Family

My Family

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New bundle of joy

It's only been 12 days since Ryan has been born and I can't imagine life with out him. He's perfect. His personality is mellow - which fits this household perfectly. He only cries when hungry or gassy and is content with pretty much everyone. He loves to be held and talked to.

Like his daddy: Ryan is a little talker, especially in his sleep. Just like daddy they jibber about randomness in their dreams. Mommy thinks it's hilarious.

Like his mommy: Mommy gave poor Ryan her tongue tied tongue. It was snipped at his 2nd Dr's appointment. Since then he's upped his eating considerably and gained close to his birth weight back in just a few days.

Like his brother: Ryan was born with a birthmark or a stork bite on his forehead. Just like his brother Tyler it's already showing signs of fading away.

Like his sisters: Ryan is way cool...just like his sisters are.

Sissy Allison giving brother some love
Sissy Sarah while at work at the Safari Park

  Sometimes I just sit and stare at my sweet little man and thank my stars that he's here.  It's amazing how much you can love a tiny human and do anything for them when just days before you had no idea what they even looked like. I also find it incredible how my love can grow for Steve by watching him take on fatherhood so proudly.  I truly feel blessed.

Enjoying my little man

First trip to the Safari Park

Giving kisses


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