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My Family

Friday, June 6, 2014

Overly Insecure? Untrusting? Or something else...

Maybe this is something some people think should be left for a private conversation, others, maybe not. I am who I am and I vent how I vent and share my views, concerns and joys the way that I do. I've never kept it a secret and as I've been told "be okay with it"

Bachelor parties...Bachelorette Parties. I have stated my views before. I am not okay with what seems to be the "norm" behind them. Drunkenness and strippers.  You are out celebrating with 20 of your 'closest friends' viewing naked dancers inches from your face (touching? maybe that'll cost you more - I don't even want to go there). The point of this celebratory ritual?  A rite of passage for the spouse to be. A final night to get all their ya-ya's out before they're tied down to the ol' ball and chain.

My view on this.

If you have ya-ya's - get them out before you get into a relationship. Respect your girl or guy and have a night out at Dave N Busters or Go-Kart racing...or something else that doesn't involve naked people who aren't your spouse to be.

It's about LOVE and RESPECT. I don't expect everyone to share my views...but the thought of my guy planning and/or attending one of the debacles makes me sick to my stomach. Do I trust my guy? Sure. Do I think he's planning on cheating on me? Nope. Do I like the thought of him getting turned on by some naked lady doing only God-knows-what in front of him, on his lap or whatever else they do? NOT-ONE-LITTLE-BIT

It is not okay. Purposely attending an event knowing you're going to be lusting after someone partially or fully unclothed is not okay. Making a night out of this is not okay with me. I don't see how it is okay with anyone, really. A night out, sure. A fun wholesome night out with friends is always a good time.

You are free to call me insecure. I am. I believe most people are to some degree.
You are free to call me un-trusing. I am that as well. I don't trust what 's going on inside someone's head who feels the need to view naked people dancing inches from their face. It's anything but innocent. I think my body is the only one he should be lusting for.  I won't ever apologize for that.


  1. I agree 100% with this... My husband went to Vegas for his bachelor party. He went with the intent to do a little gambling, drink some and lounge in the lazy river at the hotel pool. He had one friend who thought otherwise, and pretty much made the trip horrible for my husband. He tried every day to get him to go to a strip club (which he hates, and his friend knows that). His friend THEN decided my husband should have a hooker for his last weekend of freedom. He bought the hooker and sent her to my husband's room. My husband politely turned her down and then ended up in a huge argument with his "friend". It was awful for him, and I got angry that his friend would think any of that was ok...

    So that's my experience with that. =o)

  2. Kudos to your husband! Sorry his friend didn't feel the same way about a committed relationship. Again, it's about love and respect. That's what I expect when I enter a relationship. :)


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