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My Family

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Purple...the 'how to'

How to turn everything around you purple 

(or how I call it...poiple)

First you bleach the tips of your hair using the handy and cheap plastic gloves the color kit gives you. Haha. This was totally random. I had on the gloves and I was applying the bleach to the tips of my hair and then took the gloves off by pulling them inside-out and then rubber-banded them to my hair to let the bleach sit. haha. Worked quite well and it's quite amusing walking around with plastic gloves tied to your head. :p

Once the bleach is rinsed out and the plastic gloves are thrown away (the kit only provides one set...grumble) I decided the gloves were such a hit that I would use plastic ziplock bags for apply the color!! I filled two ziplock bags with purple hair dye and dipped my hair into them and attached it with a hair clippy thing-a-majig.   I still got some on my hands...and chest...and shoulders and face... 

After an hour or so (I lost track of the time) I rinsed out my hair and 'magically' turned my entire bathroom purple and here's the result. I love it!

Every time I shower, more of the semi-permanent color rinses out. Ah well. I'm still happy with it. 

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