My Family

My Family

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I love you anyway

I love you any way. I love you regardless. Just plain I Love You. Any way you say it, it should mean the same. You love somebody past all their faults, negatives and history. You just love them.

I love my kids. It's not a choice. I love them with all that I have. It's not that I have to love them because they are mine.  I was made to love them. I am part of them. They are a part of me - an extension of my own heart.  Loving them is like loving me...though I feel I love them more than I could possibly love myself.

Love between people isn't ever the same. I don't love my friends as I love my children as I love a partner as I love my family. It differs, but it's still the same. It's LOVE - and LOVE is good. 

I yearn for a love from a partner. MY partner. A soul mate who loves me as I love him. I ache for a true friend and lover. Someone I can laugh and cry with who won't  judge, scold or lie to me.  Someone who will grow right along with me. Learn with me. Play with me. Parent with me. Pray with me. Someone who is capable of loving my children as much as humanly possible without being actually being blood related.   I want to feel protected, safe and secure. I want someone who will fight with me and most importantly FOR me.  Someone who will fight for my heart and soul and won't ever give up on me. I want someone to love me anyway. Regardless of my faults and unpleasant moments that are sure to come.

I tell myself I am worth it. I deserve that kind of love. I can give that kind of love. There is someone I can love that deeply who will return it.   I won't love you the same as I love my children. I won't love my children the same as I love you. It's different. It's good. It's special. It's out there...somewhere. When I find it, I promise I will love you anyway.


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