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My Family

Monday, February 9, 2015

Low carb flu? What the wha?!

I don't believe I've ever posted 3 blog entries in a single day but as this day has progressed I've been feeling ickier and ickier.  I felt good for about an hour after lunch but then I felt the yuck again.  Off to research.  What I found is I have the low carb flu.  Also called, carb flu, keto flu, induction flu, carb crash...and some others.

Pretty much my body isn't used to not having all these extra carbs and has to work to do a switch-a-roo on how it works.  Carb flu can make people irritable (✔ check), nauseous (✔ check),  tired (✔ check), achy muscles 💪 (✔ check)  and an overwhelming feeling of not feeling 'right'  (✔✔ check check) . . The carb flu can last from a day to 2 weeks.  I'm praying for something on the shorter end.  🔚

Ways to help elevate some of the symptoms is drinking plenty of water, drinking chicken broth or something with high sodium., make sure you get enough fat and electrolytes.  Not everyone will experience this 'fun' early side effect of a low carb diet, but if you sucks.  I'm gonna push through...but I feel like poop 💩. 

Bbq chips sound so good right now.  Or chips and salsa.  *sigh*

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